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Courses offered by OCICS

The Graduate Calendars of the University of Ottawa and Carleton University list the courses for Masters and Ph.D. programs in Computer Science.
Certain courses are not offered each year. Subject to the approval of the advisory committee in the case of the Ph.D. program, and the graduate coordinator in the case of a master's program, a student may take up to half of the course credits in the program in the other disciplines (e.g. electrical engineering, mathematics, physics).

OCICS Courses that are normally offered by the Carleton University

Please refer to the list of courses in the
Graduate Calendar of Carleton University.

OCICS Courses that are normally offered by the University of Ottawa

Please refer to the list of courses in the
Graduate Calendar of the University of Ottawa

OCICS courses are categorized into four areas: Software Engineering, Theory of Computing, Computer Applications, and Computer Systems.
The complete list of OCICS courses organized by areas can be found in OCICS Course Codes and Titles

Occasionally, the following courses have been offered as Special Topics courses:
  • Area E : Open Source Software
  • Area E : Computer Security and Usability
  • Area T : Computational Complexity
  • Area A : Advanced Computer Gaming/Game Design Principles
  • Area A : Non-Photorealistic Rendering
  • Area A : Human-Computer Interaction for User Interface Design
  • Area A : Evolving Information Networks
  • Area A : Biological Approaches to Computer Security
  • Area A : Advanced Data and Text Mining
  • Area S : Intrusion Detection
  • Area S : Machine Learning and Data Mining Systems
  • Area S : Computer Security and Usability