OCICS Graduate Seminar Co-ordinator for University of Ottawa

Prof. Stephane S. Some


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There are seminar requirements for Masters students in Computer Science at University of Ottawa. The purpose of the seminar series is to encourage graduate students to make presentations that will illuminate a research topic. The presentation is an opportunity to practice communication skills in public, and to get early feedback on one's research activities. The student in consultation with her/his thesis supervisor (or with the Program Coordinator for project students) chooses the topic of presentation.


To complete this course, students must attend ten graduate seminars (ideally five at Carleton University and five at the University of Ottawa, but this is not mandatory) within two terms.

Attendance is recorded for all seminars.

This requirement must be completed in the Fall and/or Winter terms as there is no seminar series in the Summer.

The student should (but does not have to) make his/her presentation at Carleton University in the context of this graduate seminar.

This is a continuous registration course and if all seminar requirements are not completed (attendance and presentation) by the end of the Fall Term, students must register again in the Winter Term.

Students should be finished this course by the end of the Winter Term. However, if due to extenuating circumstances, this course is not finished, students must immediately contact the Graduate Administrator to request permission for a leave of absence (from this course only) for the Summer Term. The student will then be required to register for and complete this course in the Fall Term. The Seminar Coordinator and Graduate Coordinator must approve this request. Without this permission, a student will automatically lose status as a graduate student because of the continuous registration rule.

Please refer to the Guidelines for the OCICS Graduate Seminar Series below.


It is expected that MCS students will:

1. Make a high quality presentation with carefully prepared slides. Each presentation should last approximately 20 minutes, plus a 10-minute period for questions.

2. Present ideas in a way that is understandable to a general audience.

3. Answer questions by the audience and show necessary understanding of materials presented.

On failure to comply with the above guidelines and at the discretion of the graduate seminar supervisors (from SCS and EECS), in collaboration with the student's supervisor(s), a student may be required to prepare a new presentation on an alternate topic.

These presentations are held weekly on Friday mornings, alternating between the Carleton and Ottawa campuses. Each session has several student seminar presentations.

A title and abstract of the presentation should be sent by email as a text file to the Graduate Seminar Coordinator, at least two weeks prior to the presentation.

Attendance is taken for all students.

This seminar series runs from September to April only.

The seminar schedule and abstracts are available on the Seminar Coordinator's Web site at

  • Arrangements for scheduling a presentation should be made early each year (preferably in early September before the last date for registration for the Fall Term).

  • This requirement must be completed before the student will be permitted to graduate.

All graduate students are encouraged to attend seminars at SCS and at EECS, even after the completion of their formal attendance and presentation requirements.