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Students who wish to pursue studies in computer science leading to the degree of Master of Computer Science (MCS) or Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PhD) can do so in joint programs offered by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Ottawa and the School of Computer Science at Carleton University under the auspices of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Computer Science. The Institute is responsible for supervising these programs and for providing a framework for interaction between the universities in graduate computer science education. In addition to the faculty members from the two computer science programs, the Institute also has members with computer science expertise from other departments. Requests for information and application forms should be sent to the graduate secretaries handling the admission process (Contact OCICS).

Teaching Staff
The "home" department of each member is indicated by the following acronym:

ADM = Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
BMI = Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Ottawa
EECS = School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa
MAT = Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa
MCG = Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ottawa
MED = School of Medicine, University of Ottawa

SCS = School of Computer Science, Carleton University
BIO = Department of Biology, Carleton University
ICS = Institute of Cognitive Science, Carleton University
MATH = Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University
SCE = Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University
SIT = School of Information Technology, Carleton University

ADAMS, Carlisle, BSc(Guelph), MSc(Queen's), PhD(Queen's), Professor, EECS, computer security, network security, cryptography, access control, privacy
ADLER, Andy, BSc(B.C.), PhD(Poly.Mtl), Professor, SCE, image processing, biomedical sensors and imaging, biometric authentication
AJILA, Samuel, PhD(Nancy), Associate Professor, SCE, software maintenance, software process and product lines
AL OSMAN, Hussein, B.Sc.A. (UOttawa), M.Sc.A. (UOttawa), Ph.D. (UOttawa), Assistant Professor, EECS, health informatics, affective computing, persuasive technology, human computer interaction (HCI), serious games for health
AMYOT, Daniel, BSc(Laval), MSc(Ott.), PhD(Ott.), Professor, EECS, software and requirements engineering, user requirements notation (URN), modeling with goals and scenarios, aspects, business process management, medical informatics
ARYA, Ali, BSc(Tehran Polytechnic), PhD(UBC), Associate Professor, SCE, interactive multimedia systems, computer graphics and animation, virtual characters and virtual worlds, new media and digital art
ASUDEH, Ash, PhD (Stanford), Associate Professor, ICS, theoretical linguistics (semantics, syntax), cognitive science, grammatical architecture, language and logic, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics
BARBEAU, Michel, PhD(Mont.), Professor, SCS, telecommunications software and distributed systems, mobile and wireless networks, satellite communications
BARRIERE, Caroline, PhD(Simon Fraser), M.Sc.A. (Polytech.), Bacc. (Polytech.), Adjunct Professor, EECS, natural language processing, knowledge extraction and representation, semantic Web
BENYOUCEF, Morad, BSc(Constantine), MSc(Rochester), PhD(Mont.), Associate Professor, ADM, software engineering, internet technologies, e-business, e-commerce, web services, workflow management
BERTOSSI, Leopoldo, PhD(PUC Chile), Professor, SCS, database systems, intelligent information systems, knowledge representation, logic programming
BIDDLE, Robert, PhD(Canterbury), Professor, SCS, human-computer interaction, software engineering, computer security, video games
von BOCHMANN, Gregor, MSc(Munich), PhD(McGill), FRSC, FIEEE, FACM, Professor, EECS, communication protocols, software engineering, formal specifications, verification and validation, distributed applications and systems management, multimedia, high-speed networks, real-time systems
BOSE, Prosenjit, PhD(McGill), Professor, SCS, applied geometric computing (applications to manufacturing, G.I.S., pattern recognition, image processing), computational geometry, data structures, algorithm design and analysis, randomized algorithms, routing in networks, graph theory
BOUCHARD, Martin, B. Eng.(Sherbrooke), M.A.Sc.(Sherbrooke), PhD (Sherbrooke), Professor, EECS, signal processing methods in general, especially for speech, audio and acoustics
BOUKERCHE, Azzedine, BEng(Oren), MSc(McGill), PhD(McGill), CRC-2, Professor, EECS, large scale distributed interactive simulation systems, mobile computing and networking
BOYD, Sylvia, BMath(Wat.), MMath(Wat.), PhD(Wat.), Professor, EECS, combinatorial optimization, network design, integer programming, polyhedral combinatorics, travelling salesman problem, analysis and design of algorithms
BRIAND, Lionel, PhD(Paris), Adjunct Professor, SCE, software verification and validation, software design for testability and maintainability, software quality assurance and measurement
CHIASSON, Sonia, BCS(New Brunswick), MSc(Sask.), PhD(Carl.), Assistant Professor, SCS, human computer interaction (HCI), usable computer security, computer games, and usable security of mobile devices
CHINNECK, John, PhD(Wat.), Professor, SCE, applied optimization, automated formulation and "debugging" of mathematical programs, data classification
CORRIVEAU, Jean-Pierre, PhD(Tor.), Associate Professor, SCS, object-oriented and generative modeling, programming and quality engineering; cognitive science; natural language understanding; CASE and knowledge-based tools for software engineering
CRETU, Ana-Maria, Dip.Ing.(Timisoara), M.A.Sc (Ott.), Ph.D (Ott.), Adjunct Professor, EECS, 3D object modeling, machine learning, neural networks, bio-inspired models, vision, tactile sensing, human-computer interaction, virtualized reality
DAVIES, Jim, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology), Associate Professor, ICS, artificial intelligence, cognitive modeling, imagination, analogy, psychology of art and religion
DE CARUFEL, Jean-Lou, B.Math. (U. Laval), M.Math. (U. Laval), PhD(U. Laval), Assistant Professor, EECS, routing in networks, computational geometry, design and analysis of algorithms.
DEHNE, Frank, PhD(Würzburg), Professor, SCS, high performance computing, coarse-grained parallel computing, parallel geometric computing, parallel data warehousing and OLAP, parallel bioinformatics
DEUGO, Dwight, PhD(Carl.), Associate Professor, SCS, large-scale distributed object computing, evolutionary computation (genetic algorithms, genetic programming, artificial life) and object-oriented systems
DRUMMUND, Christopher, BTech(Brunel,UK), MASc(Ott.), PhD(Ott.), Adjunct Professor, EECS, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining
DUBOIS, Éric, BEng(McGill), MEng(McGill), PhD(Tor.), P.Eng, Professor, EECS, digital signal processing, data compression, image processing and communication
DUJMOVIC, Vida, BEng(Zagreb), PhD(McGill), Assistant Professor, EECS, graph drawing/visualization, graph algorithms, discrete and computational geometry, data structures and algorithms
DUMONTIER, Michel, PhD(Tor.), Assistant Professor, BIO, bioinformatics, semantic web, cell simulation and visualization, personalized medicine, reconfigurable hardware
ELAASAR, Maged, BSc(AUC), MSc(Carl.), PhD(Carl.), Adjunct Professor, SCE, software engineering, model-driven engineering, semantic web, cloud computing and big data
EL SADDIK, Abdulmotaleb, Dipl.-Ing(Darmstadt), Dr.-Ing.(Darmstadt), Professor, EECS, web engineering, multimedia communications, tele-collaborative environments, internationalization
ESFANDIARI, Babak, PhD(Montpellier), Associate Professor, SCE, agent-based systems, network management and supervision, object-oriented design and languages, symbolic machine learning
EROL-KANTARCI, Melike, PhD(Istanbul Technical University), Assistant Professor, EECS, wireless communications and networks, self-organizing networks, smart grid communications, wireless sensor networks, cyber-physical security
FALLAVOLLITA, Pascal, B.Eng (McGill University), Ph.D (École Polytechnique), Assistant Professor, ISHS cross-appointed with EECS, computer-assisted interventions, visualization, augmented reality, virtual reality, user interfaces, medical education, rehabilitation.
FAMILI, Fazel, MSc(Ohio), PhD(Michigan), Adjunct Professor, EECS, data mining, machine learning, bioinformatics
FELTY, Amy P., MSc(Penn), PhD(Penn), Professor, EECS, theorem proving, automated deduction, formal methods in software engineering, computational logic
FLOCCHINI, Paola, MSc(Milan), PhD(Milan), Professor, EECS, distributed computing, distributed algorithms, computations by mobile agents, autonomous mobile robots, time-varying graphs, cellular automata, discrete chaos
FRANKS, Gregory, BEng(Carl.), MASc(Carl.), PhD(Carl.), Associate Professor, SCE, computer systems performance analysis, operating systems, and internet protocol routing
FRIZE, Monique, BASc(Ott.), MPhil(London), DIC(London), MBA(Moncton), Doctorate(Rotterdam), Distinguished Research Professor, SCE, cross-appointed with EECS, clinical engineering, infrared imaging, decision-support systems in medicine, ethics in engineering and human experimentation, women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
GIROUARD, Audrey, BEng(Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal), MCS(Tufts), PhD(Tufts), Assistant Professor, SIT, human computer interaction (HIC), deformable materials, tangible user interfaces, ubiquitous computing
GORODNICHY, Dmitry, PhD(GCCUAS), PhD(Alb.) Adjunct Professor, EECS, video recognition, face processing, video surveillance, visual analytics, biometrics, and their applications to security
GOUBRAN, Rafik, PhD(Carl.), Professor, SCE, audio signal processing, digital systems design, adaptive systems
GREEN, James, PhD(Queen's), Associate Professor, SCE, bioinformatics, machine learning, prediction of protein function and structure from sequence, applications of nonlinear system identification
GROZA, Voicu, DipEng(Timisoara, Romania), PhD(Timisoara, Romania), Professor, EECS, real-time embedded systems, smart sensors networks, multimedia communications, distributed intelligence, instrumentation
GUEAIEB, Wail, MSc(Bilkent), PhD(Wat.), Associate Professor, EECS, intelligent mechatronics, control and automation, machine intelligence and learning, robotics, computational intelligence-based systems (fuzzy logic, neural networks, and genetic algorithms), autonomous systems
HOWE, Douglas, PhD(Cornell), Professor, SCS, automated reasoning, applied logic, formal methods in software engineering, programming languages
INKPEN, Diana, DipEng(Cluj-Napoca, Romania), MSc(Cluj-Napoca, Romania), PhD(Tor.), Professor, EECS, natural language understanding, natural language generation, lexical semantics, information extraction, speech technology, intelligent agents for the semantic web
IONESCU, Dan, DipIng(Poly.I.Buc.), DipMat(U.Tms), DrIng(Poly.I.Buc.), P.Eng, Professor, EECS, machine vision, real time systems, formal methods, models for software specification, verification
JAPKOWICZ, Nathalie, BSc(McGill), MSc(Tor.), PhD(Rutgers), Professor, EECS, machine learning for defense and security, the class imbalance problem, novelty detection, machine learning evaluation
JOSLIN, Chris, PhD(Geneva), Associate Professor, SIT, media adaptation/streaming, mobile computing, virtual reality/collaborative environments, human animation, image/video processing, 3D spatial sound, video/audio/graphics coding, real-time 3D graphics & animation
JOURDAN, Guy-Vincent, BSc(Montpellier), MSc(Paris), PhD(Rennes), Professor, EECS, distributed systems, software verification, validation and testing, partially ordered sets, data visualization
KANTARCI, Burak, B.Sc (Istanbul Technical University), M.Sc (Istanbul Technical University) Ph.D (Istanbul Technical University), Assistant Professor, EECS, mobile computing and networking, cloud computing, Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, digital health, behavioral biometrics
KARMOUCH, Ahmed, DipIUT, MSc(Toul.III), DipEA(Toul.III), DUniv(Toul.III), Professor, EECS, network virtualization, mobile cloud computing, software defined networking, service specific overlay networks mobile computing
KIRINGA, Iluju, BSc(Bonn), MA(Bonn), MSc(Bonn), PhD(Tor.), Professor, EECS, databases, peer databases, active databases, transaction models, knowledge representation, business intelligence
KRANAKIS, Evangelos, PhD(Minn.), Professor, SCS, communication networks, distributed computing, network security
KRIZANC, Danny, PhD(Harv.), Adjunct Professor, SCS, parallel and distributed computing, analysis of algorithms and use of randomization in computation
KUNZ, Thomas, PhD(Darmstadt), Professor, SCE, wireless and mobile computing, load balancing in distributed systems, distributed programming environments for parallel and distributed systems, distributed systems management, parallel and distributed debugging, program understanding
KUZIEMSKY, Craig, PhD(Vic.), BCom(Alb.), BSc(Alb.), Associate Professor, ADM, health management, information and communication technologies (ICTs) for collaborative healthcare delivery,
LABICHE, Yvan, PhD(Toulouse), Associate Professor, SCE, software verification and validation, software design for testability and maintainability, software quality assurance and measurement
LAGANIÈRE, Robert, BIng(Poly.Mtl), MSc(INRS-Telecom.), PhD(INRS-Telecom.), Professor, EECS, computer vision and image processing
LANG, Jochen, PhD(UBC), Associate Professor, EECS, computational photography, computer graphics, computer haptics
LANTHIER, Mark, PhD(Carl.), Assistant Professor, SCS, robotic applications, computational geometry (including shortest path problems), artificial life (including robot colonies), parallel GIS applications
LEE, WonSook, MSc(Geneva), PhD(Geneva), Professor, EECS, computer graphics, human design and animation, medical applications
LEMAIRE, Edward, BSc(Ott.), MSc(Ott.), PhD(Strathclyde), Assistant Professor, MED, computer applications for physical rehabilitation, multimedia clinical motion analysis, e-learning
LESSARD, Lysanne, BA(UQAM), MSc(UQAM), PhD(Tor.), Assistant Professor, ADM, knowledge-intensive business services, modeling, management information systems, requirements engineering
LETHBRIDGE, Timothy, BSc(N.B.), MSc(N.B.), PhD(Ott.), Professor, EECS, software modeling, code generation, software usability, software engineering education
LIU, Mengchi, PhD(Calg.), Professor, SCS, Web technologies, database systems, intelligent web information systems
LIU, Peter, PhD(Alta.), Professor, SCE, wireless sensor networks, robotics, biomedical engineering
LOGRIPPO, Luigi, LL(Rome), MSc(Man.), PhD(Wat.), Adjunct Professor, EECS, formal methods in software engineering, with application to security and privacy
LUNG, Chung-Horng, PhD(Arizona), Associate Professor, SCE, software engineering, network traffic engineering, distributed and parallel computing
MAHESHWARI, Anil, PhD(Mumbri), Professor, SCS, parallel computation, computational geometry, design and analysis of algorithms, geographic information systems
MAHMOUD, Samy, PhD(Carl.), Emeritus Professor, SCE, wireless communication systems, software project management, protocols for high speed networks, speech processing and computer network design
MAJUMDAR, Shikharesh, PhD(Sask.), Professor, SCE, parallel and distributed systems, performance evaluation, operating systems
MAKRAKIS, Dimitrios, DipEng(Patras), MSc(Tor.), PhD(Tor.), Associate Professor, EECS, computer networks: architectures, protocols, management, broadband applications
MAO, Yongyi, BEng(Southeast, China), BMed(Nanjing, China), MSc(Tor.), PhD(Tor.), Professor, EECS, machine learning, communications, coding and information theory
MATRAWY, Ashraf, PhD(Carl.), Associate Professor, SIT, computer networking including new networking architectures, network security, traffic analysis and modelling, and intelligent network support for new applications and computing paradigms such as mobile applications and cloud computing
MATWIN, Stan J., MSc(Warsaw), PhD(Warsaw), Distinguished University Professor, EECS, artificial intelligence, knowledge-based systems, machine learning, software reuse
MICHALOWSKI, Wojtek, MEcon(Warsaw), PhD(Warsaw), Professor, ADM, Adjunct Professor, MED, clinical decision support, ontological modeling, data mining for clinical applications, operations research
MORIN, Patrick, PhD(Carl.), Professor, SCS, computational geometry, data structures, network algorithms, online algorithms
MOUFTAH, Hussein, BSc(Alexandria), MSc(Alexandria), PhD(Laval), CRC-1, Distinguished University Professor, EECS, computer networks, optical networking, wireless ad hoc and embedded sensor networks, routing algorithms and protocols, simulation, performance evaluation
MOULD, David, PhD(Tor.), Associate Professor, SCS, computer graphics, procedural modeling, image processing, non-photorealistic rendering, approximate path planning
MOURA, Lucia, BSc(S. Paulo), MSc(S. Paulo), PhD(Tor.), Associate Professor, EECS, combinatorial algorithms, combinatorial designs and their applications, combinatorial optimization
NAYAK, Amiya, BMath(Wat.), PhD(Carl.), Professor, EECS, fault tolerance, mobile computing, distributed systems
NUSSBAUM, Doron, PhD(Carl.), Associate Professor, SCS, computational geometry, medical computing, parallel and distributed computing, geographic information systems, robotics and machine vision, data structures and algorithms
ONUT, Iosif Viorel, PhD(UNB), Adjunct Professor, EECS, rich Internet application crawling, Web application security, accessibility
OOMMEN, John, PhD(Purdue), Professor, SCS, learning systems, stochastic automata, pattern recognition, image processing, adaptive data structures
OPPACHER, Franz, PhD(Vienna), Professor, SCS, evolutionary computation (artificial life, genetic programming, genetic algorithms), machine learning, artifial intelligence
PAGUREK, Bernard, PhD(Tor.), Distinguished Research Professor, SCE, communications network management, artificial intelligence and fault management, knowledge-based software debugging
PANARIO, Daniel, Professor, MATH, computer algebra, analytic combinatorics, analysis of algorithms, cryptography, analytic, computational and combinatorial number theory
PAQUET, Eric, BSc(Laval), MSc(Laval), PhD (Laval), Adjunct Professor, EECS, invariant shape recognition, multimedia information indexing and retrieval, data mining, structural proteomics
PAYEUR, Pierre, BSc(Laval), MSc(Laval), PhD(Laval), Professor, EECS, 3-D modeling and imaging: data acquisition, probabilistic modeling of space, robot path planning and collision avoidance, autonomous systems
PELC, Andrzej, PhD(Warsaw), Adjunct Professor, SCS, distributed algorithms, fault tolerant communication in networks
PERKINS, Theodore J., BA(Carleton College), MSc(Wisconsin-Madison), PhD (Massachusetts), Assistant Professor, BMI, cross-appointed with EECS, bioinformatics, computational biology, mathematical biology, machine learning
PETRIU, Dorina, PhD(Carl.), P.Eng, Professor, SCE, performance evaluation, software engineering
PETRIU, Emil M., DipIng(Poly.I.Tms), DrEng(Poly.I.Tms), Ing, Professor, EECS, intelligent sensors and appliances, interactive virtual environments, neural networks and fuzzy systems, integrated circuit testing
PEYTON, Liam, BSc(McGill), MSc(Stanford), PhD(Aalborg), Professor, EECS, e-commerce, business process automation, privacy, knowledge management, mobile computing, data visualization
PROBERT, Robert L., BSc(Wat.), MSc(Wat.), PhD(Wat.), Adjunct Professor, EECS, communication protocols and software testing
RAAHEMI,Bijan, Ph.D (Waterloo), P.Eng, Associate Professor, ADM, cross-appointed with EECS,   data mining, information systems, data communications networks and services, system modeling and simulation
ROTH, Gerhard, PhD(McGill), Adjunct Professor, SCS, computer vision, image processing, evolutionary algorithms, virtual reality and multi-media, computer graphics
SACK, Joerg-Rudiger, PhD(McGill), Professor, SCS, algorithms and complexity, computational geometry, geographic information systems, spatial modeling, medical computing
SAMAAN, Nancy, PhD(Ott.), Associate Professor, EECS, mobile and wireless networks, virtual networks management, e-business, cloud computing
SANKOFF, David, BSc(McGill), MSc(McGill), PhD(McGill), Professor, MAT, cross-appointed with EECS, mathematics and statistics, bioinformatics, mathematics of evolution and phylogeny
SANTORO, Nicola, PhD(Wat.), Distinguished Research Professor, SCS, distributed computing, mobile computing, network computing and evolutionary computing
SCOTT, Philip, BS(N.D.), MD(Wat.), PhD(Wat.), Professor, MAT, cross-appointed with EECS, logic, theoretical computer science, category theory
SHIRMOHAMMADI, Shervin, BSc(Ott.), MSc(Ott.), PhD(Ott.), P.Eng, Professor, EECS, video systems and networking (mobile video, 3D video, video streaming), gaming sytems and networking (cloud gaming, virtual environments), and multimedia-assisted biomedical engineering (tele-healthcare, assistive sytems)
SIDNEY, Jeffrey, MA(Michigan), MSE(Michigan), Engineer, Professor, ADM, cross-appointed with EECS, combinatorial optimization, job shop scheduling
SMID, Michiel, PhD(Amsterdam), Professor, SCS, computational geometry, data structures, geometric networks, randomized algorithms, applications of computational geometry in manufacturing and in the analysis of terrains
SOMAYAJI, Anil, PhD(New Mexico), Associate Professor, SCS, operating system security, intrusion detection, complex adaptive systems, artificial life
SOKOLOVA, Marina, B.Math. (Moscow), M.Sc. (Ottawa), Ph.D. (Ottawa), Adjunct Professor, EECS, text data mining, lexical semantics, machine learning for health information and privacy protection
SOMÉ, Stéphane, MSc(Mont.), PhD(Mont.), Associate Professor, EECS, distributed object oriented environment programming methodology
STEVENS, Brett, Associate Professor, MATH, computer algebra, analytic combinatorics, analysis of algorithms, cryptography, analytic, computational and combinatorial number theory
ST-HILAIRE, Marc, PhD (Poly.Mtl), Associate Professor, SCE, computer networks, network planning, network architecture, mobile computing, cloud computing, software defined networking
SZPAKOWICZ, Stan, MSc(Warsaw), PhD(Warsaw), Emeritus Professor, EECS, computational linguistics, lexical resources, semantic relations, emotion analysis, summarization of long narratives
TRAN, Thomas, BSc(Brandon), PhD(Wat.), Associate Professor, EECS, artificial Intelligence, Electronic Commerce, Intelligent Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Trust and Reputation Modelling, Agent Negotiation, Mechanism Design, Applications of AI, and Recommender Systems
TURCOTTE, Marcel, BSc(Mont.), MSc(Mont.), PhD(Mont.), Professor, EECS, bioinformatics, algorithms design, applications of machine learning
TURNEY, Peter, PhD(Tor.), Adjunct Professor, EECS, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, computational linguistics
URAL, Hasan, BSc(METU), MSc(Hac.), PhD(Ott.), Professor, EECS, software testing and verification, formal methods for software specification and design, distributed computing
VAILLANCOURT, Rémi, BA(Ott.), LPh(Ott.), MSc(Ott.), PhD(N.Y.U.), Adjunct Professor, MAT, differential equations, numerical and applied mathematics, scientific computation, image compression (JPEG, MPEG), wavelets, chirplets
VAN KAICK, Oliver, BSc(UFPR), MSc(UFPR), PhD(SFU), Assistant Professor, SCS, computer graphics, computer-aided design, shape analysis, computer vision, machine learning
VAN OORSCHOT, Paul, PhD(Wat.), Professor, SCS, authentication, software security, network security, applied cryptography, software protection, security infrastructures
VELLINO, Andre , MSc(LSE), PhD(Tor.), Associate Professor, SIS, cross-appointed with EECS, adjunct with ICS, artificial intelligence, automated reasoning, research data management, recommender systems, digital libraries.
VIKTOR, Herna L., BSc(Stellenbosch), MSc(Stellenbosch), PhD(Stellenbosch), Professor, EECS, data mining, data warehousing, information retrieval
WAINER, Gabriel, PhD(Aix Marseille III), Professor, SCE, DEVS formalism, real-time modeling, cellular models, modeling and simulation methodologies and tools, parallel/distributed/web-based simulation, real-time operating systems
WEISS, Michael, PhD(Mannheim), Assistant Professor, SCE (TIM), Internet applications, electronic commerce, agent patterns, software engineering
WHITE, Anthony, PhD(Carl.), Professor, SCS, mobile agents, swarm and collective intelligence, evolutionary computing (artificial life, genetic algorithms, genetic programming), internet applications, peer-to-peer computing
WHITEHEAD, Anthony, PhD(Carl.), Associate Professor, SIT, video processing, computational video, image processing, computer vision, entertainment technologies and graphics, video games, inspection systems, television and movie special effects, animation systems
WOODSIDE, Murray, PhD(Camb.), Distinguished Research Professor, SCE, performance modelling, performance of distributed software, software design, queueing theory
WUHRER, Stefanie, PhD(Carleton), Adjunct Professor, SCS, computer vision, geometry processing, computational geometry, non-rigid shape analysis
YAGOUB, Mustapha C.E., DipEng(Algiers), MA(Algiers), PhD(Toulouse), P.Eng, Professor, EECS, microwave and millimeter-wave devices, circuits and systems: CAD tools for device/circuit modeling and design, neural networks, linear and nonlinear modeling, optimization methods
YANG, Oliver W.W., BSc(Tor.), MSc(Tor.), PhD(Wat.), P.Eng, Professor, EECS, switch architecture, photonic networks, wireless networks, mobile adhoc networks, sensor networks, traffic management, network topologies, real-time communication, network modeling, analysis and performance evaluation, protocols and algorithms, queuing analysis
YEAP, Tet H., BSc(Queen's), MSc(Tor.), PhD(Tor.), Associate Professor, EECS, wireless security, computer architecture, telecommunications, optical networks, parallel processing, neural networks, dynamics and systems
YU, Eric, PhD(Tor.), Adjunct Professor, EECS, software engineering, goal-oriented requirements engineering, information systems, knowledge management
YU, F. Richard, PhD(UBC), Associate Professor, SIT, wireless communications and networks, security, smart grid, green information technologies
ZAGUIA, Nejib, DÉt(Lyon I), PhD(Calg.), D3ecycle, Associate Professor, EECS, order optimization, algorithms, graphs
ZHAO, Jiying, BEng(NCEPU), MEng(NCEPU), PhD(NCEPU), PhD(Keio), Professor, EECS, image and video processing, multimedia communications
ZOUAQ, Amal, MSc(University of Montreal), PhD(University of Montreal), Associate Professor, EECS, Semantic Web, open information extraction, text mining, knowledge and data engineering, artificial intelligence and technology-enhanced learning.